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VR. Smartphone filmmaking.
Drone cinematography. 360 video.

An event that seeks to build a community around new cinematic experiences, virtual reality filmmaking and augmented participation.


We will host demos by drone inventors, installation artists & VR companies. Come along to record live footage with a drone or to try out a 360 camera mount or play with VR gear.


Talks by interactive video start ups, VR pioneers, video hackers + smartphone & drone cinematographers, such as award winning IPhone filmmaker Conrad Mess.


See films that were captured or are being presented using drones, interactive video platforms or virtual reality. Experience cutting edge showcases of immersive and participatory stories!

FilmKit 2016

Film Submission

Submissions for the 2nd FilmKit Film Festival taking place in September 2016 can be short films or documentaries with a strong narrative of 5 to maximum 30 minutes length that fall into the following three categories:

Narrative VR

A spherical video experience with a strong narrative.

Mobile & Aerial Filmmaking

70% or more of the film must either be shot with a drone or a smartphone. For submissions filmed with a smartphone we encourage you to use Videona

Film Inventors' Playground

Films produced with self-invented & completely novel equipment or technology.

The winning films will be shown on FilmDoo! Submission & festival dates will be announced soon.


Talks, Workshops
& Showcases

Dr Tracy Harwood


A Recent History of the Art of Machinima
Machinima is the making of original films using real time play from 3D computer games (‘machine-animation-cinema’).
With origins that trace back to the demoscene, machinima has become one of the world’s most creative and contemporary animated moving image formats, despite most people never having heard of the term! Dr Tracy Harwood, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Creative Technologies (De Montfort University) will introduce the audience to machinima, showcase some of the most important pieces of work that have been created, such as 'Diary of a Camper' and discuss the next stages of its evolution as a creative practice in filmmaking and digital arts.
speaker Sophy Smith Image
Dr Sophy Smith

VR Performance

Putting the Audience Centre Stage
Professional performance companies are beginning to explore the potential of 360 filming techniques and Virtual Reality technologies.
Their intention is to both to share existing work and develop new practices. Dr Sophy Smith, Reader in Creative Technologies at the Institute of Creative Technologies (De Montfort University), will introduce the audience to VR performance, showcasing some key pieces of work that have been created and discussing the potential of these new practices to find new ways for audiences to engage with and participate with professional performance practice.

2014 Shorts

FilmKit 2014
Smartphone Shorts

Last year's submissions were one minute shorts filmed on a smartphone. Below a selection of nominated entries.

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